Microsoft Reintroduces $1 Deal for PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Returning subscribers with expired subscriptions and new subscribers can once again join in for an introductory $1 price.

Microsoft recently announced an increase in pricing for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in several markets around the world, though not long after that rather unpopular decision, the company has now also reintroduced a deal for the subscription service that presents great value for money.

Earlier this year, Microsoft discontinued its $1 introductory pricing for Game Pass, though that has now been reinstated (as spotted by XGP). Returning subscribers with lapsed subscriptions and new subscribers can buy a subscription for just $1 for the first month, with all subsequent months returning to regular pricing.

The deal only applies to PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so if you are looking to get a base subscription on console, you will not get a low introductory price for your first month.

How long the offer sticks around this time around remains to be seen, though while it is still available, it does represent really good value for money.