Baldur’s Gate 3 Release Teaser Showcases New Locations and Romances

New character creation features at launch include heterochromia, freckles, a maturity slider, Vitiligo Pigmentation, and more.

Larian Studios kicked off its final Panel From Hell for Baldur’s Gate 3 with a release teaser. It’s not too long but showcases several little details, from some of the romantic interactions available to never-before-seen locations. Check it out below. During the Panel, the developer confirmed several new features for its character creation system.

A Maturity Slider is available to adjust a character’s age, and you can have freckles (with intensity settings), heterochromia and Vitiligo Pigmentation. Tieflings can color their horns and horn tips, and Half-Elves get strong body types. The Dragonborn also boast extensive customization with metallic, dual chrome and pearlescence skin colors, and different choices for faces, crests, jaws and chins.

Multi-classing was reiterated, and while each early access class gets at least one new sub-class, not all of them will be available immediately. The Gloomstalker Ranger, for example, becomes available later. Each also introduces themselves with unique animations that tease what they offer.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out on August 3rd for PC and September 6th for PS5.