Starfield’s Combatech Weapons Are Built with the Confines of Spaceflight in Mind

Combatech weapons are “created from light-weight metal alloys and polymer and are mostly bullpup designs.”

Starfield is going to cast a wide net in more ways than one with its multifaceted web of systems and mechanics across a sprawling playspace, and true to its philosophy of offering players a variety of options in everything that you do, even when it comes to combat, it’ll feature a variety of different weapon manufacturers that will each come with not only their own unique attributes and strengths, but also with their own distinct looks.

Speaking recently in an interview published on the official Bethesda website, lead weapons artist Dane Olds spoke about Starfield’s Combatech-manufactured weapons in particular, and how, like all other weapons in the game, “the context in which [they] would be used and who created [them].” Specifically where Combatech weapons are concerned, Olds says they are “optimized for space travel”, and thus, have designs focused on being as compact as possible.

“In Starfield when creating the Combatech weapons we wanted to make items that were optimized for space travel,” Olds said. “That meant trying to reduce weight as much as possible and making things as compact as possible so they could fit aboard the cramped confines of a spaceship. As a result, our Combatech weapons are created from light-weight metal alloys and polymer and are mostly bullpup designs.”

From the planets that players will explore and what activities they will play host to, to the vast expanses of space and the adventures you’ll find there, Starfield is promising variety and endless possibilities in a number of areas, so we’re certainly curious to see how that takes shape when it comes to the weapons and how players will be encouraged to use them.

Starfield is set to launch on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.