to a T Announced for Xbox and PC – Narrative Adventure Developed by Katamari Series Creator

Keita Takahashi and uvula LLC are working on a new title about Teen, a teenager living their life while constantly T-posing.

Katamari series creator Keita Takahashi is working with uvula LLC and Annapurna Interactive to develop to a T, a new 3D narrative adventure title. You play as Teen, a teenager with a “unique” posture (read: constantly T-posing), leading a regular life with their dog and mother. Check out the trailer below.

Thanks to Teen’s posture, players tackle everyday tasks in unique ways. What’s it like to eat food, drink water, pet dogs and live while casually asserting dominance over others? Now you can find out. As an episodic tale taking place over multiple days, you can collect coins, visit shops, or talk to various characters between story events.

Of course, you can customize Teen with different clothes purchased from around town. T-posing can be fashionable, after all. to a T’s release date is listed as “To be announced” on Steam, so we’ll need to wait for more details.