Bounty Star Gets New Trailer Showing Off Mech Combat and Base-Building Gameplay

Dinogod-developed mech action game Bounty Star has a new trailer showcasing its combat and base-building gameplay.,

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Dinogod have released a new trailer for upcoming 3D action game Bounty Star. The game combines mech combat and customisation with farming and base building. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer features creator and director of Bounty Star, taking us through how the game works. Players are put in the shoes of ex-soldier Clementine McKinney, who decides to get back into mechs to fight off mercenaries, all while she learns to care about her desert home.

As players pilot the Desert Raptor MKII mech, they will be able to customise it to quite an extent, which includes the kinds of melee and ranged weapons it uses, as well as other options, like hydraulic siege weapons. The mech can also be equipped with high-speed thrusters and boosters for dashing.

On the other side of the game is the farming and base building aspect, which involves players building out water and power supply lines, grow and cook food, and create ammunition and fuel for combat.

Bounty Star is coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2024.