Sonic Superstars Gameplay Showcased in New Trailer During Nintendo Direct

Sonic Superstars was shown off during a recent Nintendo Direct, highlighting some new gameplay and local 4-player co-op.

Publisher Sega has released a new trailer for its upcoming 2D sidescrolling Sonic game, Sonic Superstars. The new trailer was shown off during a recent Nintendo Direct, showcasing some of the gameplay from the upcoming title. Check it out below.

The trailer shows off some of the new features in Sonic Superstars, including the ability for up to four players to play local co-op on the same system, which is a first for the Sonic franchise. The trailer also showcases the different playable characters mixing and matching their abilities to take on enemies and platforming challenges.

Sonic Superstars was announced earlier this month with a trailer. Alongside sidescrolling levels inspired by classic 2D Sonic games, Sonic Superstars also seems to feature a host of bonus levels and mini-games.

Producer Takashi Iizuka recently spoke about the gameplay in Sonic Superstars, and how its collection of levels won’t feature anything we’ve seen before in 2D sidescrolling Sonic games. Rather than featuring classic levels like Green Hill Zone, the upcoming game will feature new levels with their own distinct visual styles.

Sonic Superstars is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch in late 2023.