Princess Peach Game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Remaster Announced for Nintendo Switch

Details on both games are currently scant, but Nintendo confirms both of them will launch for the Switch sometime in 2024.

Nintendo took a great many of us by surprise with the announcement of a ground-up remake of the widely beloved Super Mario RPG at its recent Nintendo Direct presentation, but that wasn’t the only Mario-related announcement we got at the showcase.

Nintendo has announced two more titles that will each shine the spotlight on beloved Mario characters. One of these, surprisingly enough, is a new game starring Princess Peach. No details have been provided on the game – we don’t even know its name – and the brief footage that has been shown doesn’t say much about what the gameplay will be like.

Additionally, Nintendo has also announced that it’s working on a remastered version of 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. A brief glimpse at the title showcases some of the visual enhancements the remaster will be making to the game.

Both games are set to launch sometime in 2024.