Atlas Fallen – Story, Legendary Creatures, Essence Stones and More Detailed in New Overview Trailer

Learn more about the sand-ridden world and your journey ahead of the game’s release on August 10th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Deck13 Interactive’s Atlas Fallen has received a new overview trailer, covering every aspect of the post-apocalyptic hack-and-slash action adventure. Starting as an Unnamed, players discover a mythical Gauntlet, which could provide the means to rebel against Thelos, the corrupt sun god.

Along with creating their characters, players can heavily customize their play styles. There are three weapons – the Dunecleaver, Sandwhip and Knuckledust – but you can choose from over 100 Essence Stones to add various effects. Timely Crystallization, for example, has a chance to crystallize slowed foes on hit.

You can collect various materials to upgrade each Essence Stone, discover new armor sets to improve your stats, and even battle Legendary Creatures. There’s also co-op for two players, opening up all kinds of new combos and complimentary play styles.

Atlas Fallen is out on August 10th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. On Xbox Series X and PS5, it will offer two graphics modes – 4K/30 FPS and 1440p/60 FPS.