Exoprimal – Exosuit Variants for Murasame, Vigilant, Zephyr and More Revealed

The Variants have different abilities, which allows for unique play styles, and will arrive after the game’s release on July 14th.

Capcom showcased its first Exosuit Variant for Exoprimal with Deadeye Alpha, highlighting its use of a burst rifle, which also functions as a shotgun. During the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, it teased several other Variants for the existing cast.

Zephyr Alpha uses Energy Chakrams to attack enemies at mid-range. Barrage Alpha has Rocket Hop and fires explosive rounds, while Vigilant Alpha uses a Marksman rifle for multiple shots. Roadblock Alpha can set down a Fortress Shield and aggro dinosaurs to it before blowing it up. Murasame Alpha’s Frost Glaive activates on a successful block and can freeze a dinosaur.

Krieger Alpha has a Charge Shotgun for massive damage and knockback, while Witchdoctor Alpha’s Duality Beam harms enemies and heals allies. If you want to bring down thunder in an area, Skywave Alpha’s Thunderclap is great, while Nimbus Alpha’s Double Barrel weapons can deal more damage at the cost of ammo.

These are all coming to the game in a future update. Exoprimal launches on July 14th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC, but another beta takes place from June 16th to 18th with new missions.