33 Immortals Showcases High-Octane Combat in New Gameplay Demonstration

Thunder Lotus Games’ upcoming MMO-lite will launch in early access sometime next year for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Thunder Lotus Games built up a sizeable fanbase with its debut outing, the acclaimed Spiritfarer, and though its upcoming game, the recently-announced 33 Immortals, is looking like quite a different beast, it has nonetheless turned a fair few heads. Described as a distillation of the MMO raid experience, 33 Immortals is a multiplayer action game that sees 33 players working together to accomplish a variety of objects.

At the recent Xbox Games Showcase Extended presentation, Thunder Lotus showed new raw gameplay footage of a full run (which Xbox boss Phil Spencer was also a part of). Each player has unique skills, not to mention a limited number of deaths, and at the beginning of a run, the 33 players are scattered across the map in smaller groups. To be able to join up with each other, players must complete challenges known as Torture Chambers.

Once that is done, all players have to work together in a high-stakes fight to end the round, known as Ascension Battles, where the screen is flooded by scores of enemies unleashing powerful attacks. There are multiple different regions in the game’s world, each of which has its own different set of challenges. All of that collectively leads up to the big bad, i.e. the final boss.

Check out the gameplay demonstration below.

33 Immortals will launch in early access sometime in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, and will also be available via Game Pass.