Nivalis Gets New Trailer Showing Off Gameplay and 2024 Release Window

Check out life in a cyberpunk city in a new trailer for upcoming life sim game Nivalis.

Developer Ion Lands and publisher 505 Games have released a new trailer for upcoming cyberpunk life sim game Nivalis. The trailer shows off some of the things players can do as they live their life in the city of Nivalis. Check it out below.

Going by the trailer, players will be able to do quite a few things as they explore the city of Nivalis, including fishing, boat rides, and even managing a noodle restaurant with a surprisingly in-depth-looking management system. The trailer also hints at some darkness under the surface, with a wanted poster for a serial killer.

Players will have to build their life from the very bottom in Nivalis, which likely includes having to do odd jobs in order to make enough money to make ends meet.

Nivalis was first unveiled during last year’s PC Gaming show, and this time around we have a release window of 2024 for the upcoming game. For more details about the title, check out our interview with the studio behind the game, which previously worked on Cloudpunk.