Teardown Adds Creative Mode on June 15

Tuxedo Labs’ destructive sandbox game will let you experience it in a completely new way with the addition of Creative Mode on June 15.

After spending a considerable period of time in early access, Teardown launched in full over a year ago, and Tuxedo Labs’ sandbox game was instantly met with widespread praise, thanks primarily to its impressive destruction mechanics. Soon enough, the game will let players experience its offerings in a completely different way.

At the recent PC Gaming Show, Tuxedo Labs revealed Creative Mode for Teardown, which is exactly what it sounds like. Upon its launch on June 15, it will allow players to create whatever in-game objects they wish by “painting” them with voxels. Any objects you create can also be saved so you can use them later. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of what Creative Mode will bring to the table.

Teardown is currently available on PC, and is also set to release for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 sometime later this year. A specific launch date hasn’t yet been announced for the console versions.