Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Showcases Axiom and Umbral, Massive Bosses

Check out the alternate worlds of the living and the dead, how the Umbral Lamp helps you, and what powerful threats await.

Lords of the Fallen from Hexworks received a new developer presentation showcasing the parallel worlds of Umbral and Axiom. The latter is the realm of the living, which players will traverse, facing various threats. Umbral is the land of the dead, which you go to upon death.

You have a chance to return to Axiom while also discovering various treasures. However, as time passes, more Spectral Terrors will rush to you, so it’s risk vs reward. Of course, you can also open an Umbral Rift by sacrificing one of your two lives or using the Umbral Lamp to peer into the other world for treasure. The lamp can also manipulate the environment of Umbral and inflict damage on foes.

Some bosses are also shown, including the leader of the Hallowed Sentinels, who twists into a horrifying monster. There’s also a massive monster with an arm protruding from its mouth that doesn’t take kindly to anything.

Lords of the Fallen releases on October 13th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.