Layers of Fear Trailer Teases Horrors at the Lighthouse

The Writer, a new playable character, encounters surreal events en route to the horror title’s release on June 15th for consoles and PC.

Bloober Team and Anshar Studios presented a new trailer for Layers of Fear, the follow-up to the first-person psychological horror series. It focuses on The Writer, a new character who ventures to The Lighthouse under mysterious patronage. Of course, strange things occur, and the trailer indicates an impossible reunion with her son amid other horrors and surreal happenings.

Layers of Fear also includes Layers of Fear 1 and 2 with the Inheritance DLC, all remade for Unreal Engine 5 and sporting new mechanics. There’s also new content with The Final Note, focusing on the Artist’s Wife from the first game and her perspective on the horror. How The Writer will connect the layers remains to be seen, but her involvement seems mandatory.

Layers of Fear launches on June 15th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC for $29.99, with the Deluxe Edition costing $34.99. Those who own Layers of Fear (2016) and Layers of Fear 2 get a 30 percent discount for two weeks after launch.