En Garde! is a Swashbuckling Adventure With an Emphasis on Combat

Fireplace Games has unveiled its swordfighting-centric action game En Garde! with a trailer during Future Games Fest.

Fireplace Games has announced a new pirate-themed adventure game. Dubbed En Garde!, the game was revealed during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase. Check it out below.

En Garde! puts players in the shoes of Adalia De Volador, going by the trailer, an incredible emphasis in offering smooth, flowy combat and traversal. Volador is described as a playful hero standing against tyranny, and while she has access to moves you’d typically expect for a swashbuckling her to have, she Volador can also pick up and throw random objects at her enemies, and even arrange for comical objects to fall from the sky to hit them on the head.

The game’s combat focuses on real-time fights, with players constantly ducking, dodging, and parrying their way through enemies. The game also features two distinct game modes, story mode and an arena mode where you can try out all of Volador’s combat abilities.

Visually, En Garde! features hand-painted backdrops along with its 3D environments. The game also has a free demo that you can check out on Steam.