The Spirit of the Samurai Receives New Trailer – Stop-Motion Horror Metroidvania Out in 2024

Digital Mind Games’ title sees Takeshi, a samurai, battling an army of Oni with Chisai, his warrior kitten, and Kodama, a brave spirit.

To close the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, Digital Mind Games and Kwalee revealed the first gameplay trailer for The Spirit of the Samurai. The stop-motion horror Metroidvania title follows three heroes – Takeshi, a samurai; Kodama, a spirit; and Chisai, a kitten. The three band together to fight off the Oni and defend the “Forbidden Village.”

While Takeshi fights with a sword, spear and bow and can parry blows, Chisai appears more stealth-focused (but is also capable of fighting). Kodama can seemingly venture into smaller spaces and fight enemies below the surface. It’s a combination of combat and platforming as players venture to mountain caves, cemeteries and more, battling all kinds of horrors rendered in disturbing stop-motion.

You gain experience from slaying foes and can upgrade stats and abilities. There’s even an editor for creating combos. The Spirit of the Samurai is coming to PC, Xbox, PS5 and Atari VCS in 2024.