Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct is Two Hours Long, Microsoft Denies Teasing Fable

Xbox Games Marketing VP Aaron Greenberg tweeted, “It does feel like right now, if I sneeze, someone will say, ‘X game confirmed!'”

A pseudo-E3 is upon us, with several showcases set for the coming week. The Summer Game Fest Showcase is first on June 8th, but the Xbox Games Showcase is arguably more important since it will provide a closer look at Xbox’s upcoming first-party titles. Of course, it’s followed by Starfield Direct, where Bethesda Game Studios will showcase more of the upcoming sci-fi RPG.

In a new tweet, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Games Marketing VP at Microsoft, confirmed that both showcases would be roughly two hours long. “Seven days until our first-ever double feature. Roughly two hours of non-stop games, games, games, games, and Starfield!” It confirms a report by The Verge’s Tom Warren, who also felt the showcase would be 90 minutes while Starfield Direct is 30 minutes (which isn’t officially confirmed).

While many first-party titles could appear, with none having “full CG trailers”, Greenberg denied a recent Fable tease. “I’ve not teased anything. Prefer for our fans to be surprised when they watch live. But it does feel like right now, if I sneeze, someone will say, ‘X game confirmed!’ Love you all and the passion. Keep it coming, as we are about a week away!”

The Xbox Games Showcase is on June 11th at 10 AM PDT. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime. As for Starfield, it’s launching on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC.