Street Fighter 6 – Manon’s Skills Showcased in New Character Guide Video

The supermodel/judoka restricts an opponent’s movements with quick strikes before moving in close for some throws and combos.

Capcom’s latest Character Guide video is available for Street Fighter 6, and this time, the focus is on Manon. The world-famous supermodel and judoka is a well-rounded fighter, striking with kicks and employing various throws when closing in on her opponents. Check out some of her abilities below.

Manon’s style is about sealing an opponent’s movement with anti-airs and quick strikes. From there, use combos and throws, raising Manon’s Medal level. One technique is Renverse, which can be mixed into combos or used to prod your opponent from a distance.

Street Fighter 6 is out on June 2nd for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PC. Manon is one of 18 fighters available at launch, with four more characters coming later as Year 1 DLC. Check out our feature for more details on the various modes and features. A demo is also available on all platforms and lets players try out World Tour.