Fairgame$, Haven’s First Game, Announced for PS5 and PC

The shooter appears to be Haven’s live-service title exclusive to PS5 and seemingly features PvEvP elements with three-player teams.

Haven Studios, the development studio started by Jade Raymond, has revealed its first game published by PlayStation. It’s called Fairgame$ and appears to be a heist game with PvEvP elements for PS5 and PC. Check out the stylish cinematic trailer below, courtesy of GameSpot.

It begins with three players venturing into a secure facility with grappling hooks. Upon breaching the depths and using shields to fool the security lasers, they seemingly encounter another trio attempting to infiltrate the vault. Along with using a grappling hook to grab a piece of the environment as a shield, they also shoot rounds that can disrupt enemies.

Upon venturing into the vault, another three-player squad seemingly arrives. Fairgame$ appears to be the live-service title exclusive to PS5 that Haven had previously confirmed. Nothing else is known, though the “See you soon” message at the end could potentially hint at a beta coming shortly.