Sword of the Sea Announced by The Pathless Developer, Coming to PS5 and PC

The action-adventure title sees players controlling the Wraith and navigating a desolate world to restore the oceans and life.

It wouldn’t be a PlayStation Showcase without some indie titles. Giant Squid of ABZU and The Pathless fame has introduced its latest title – Sword of the Sea. It’s in development for PS5 and PC via Steam. Check out the first trailer below.

Sword of the Sea takes place in a desolate world with deserts that spread for what seems like an eternity. As the Wraith, you’ve been resurrected to restore life. With a surfboard for navigating the sands, you’ll come across tombs, shipwrecks and petrified battlefields, bringing vibrant oceans, sea creatures and other life back to the foray.

Of course, it won’t be easy, as leviathans, who have claimed the land, will oppose you. How the Wraith will fight them remains to be seen, but if The Pathless was any indication, Giant Squid knows how to handle massive boss battles. Stay tuned for more details and gameplay on Sword of the Sea in the meantime.