Final Fantasy 16 Launch Trailer Sets up a Tale of Epic Proportions

Square Enix’s highly anticipated action RPG launches exclusively for the PS5 in less than a month’s time

2023 isn’t letting up. We’ve already been treated to a number of excellent new games this year so far, but there is, of course, plenty more on the horizon. One of the biggest upcoming titles, Final Fantasy 16, is launching not long from now, and ahead of its release, Square Enix is continuing to build up the hype and anticipation surrounding the action RPG.

We’ve already seen and learned plenty about the game in recent days, and at the PlayStation Showcase, Square Enix brought another new trailer. An action-packed affair, the trailer offers more glimpses at what’s clearly going to be a darker and more harrowing tale than fans of the series might be used to, while plenty of its action-based combat is also showcased. Check it out below.

Final Fantasy 16 is due out for PS5 on June 22. It will also receive a demo shortly before launch, which will be about a couple of hours long and allow players to carry over their progress into the full game.