Destiny 2 Lightfall Early Pre-Load Is Locking Players Out Of The Game

Destiny 2 servers are supposed to go offline from February 27, so that Lightfall goes live on the following day, but it seems PlayStation 5 users have received the pre-load access earlier, which boots up the game with the Lightfall opening screen and locks players out of Destiny 2 until February 28.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen for everyone on PlayStation 5, but you need to be careful with the automatic update feature. If you see your console is pushing the game for an update while you are sure your game is up-to-date, then you should stop and cancel it. Of course, this is only in case you want to play the game until the very last minute before Lightfall, but if you don’t mind having the pre-load done early, you can let it continue.

The early push of pre-load actually caught some players off-guard, as they were trying to use the last day of the current season to grind for items, grab seasonal rewards, or finish some challenges. However, if you have unintentionally installed the Lightfall update, you can uninstall and then reinstall the game to get Destiny 2 back for the final day.

With the arrival of Lightfall, all the seasonal challenges will be reset, as the new expansion brings a new season as well. However, it is not all about challenges, as some players want to grind as much gear as they can to equip better weapons for the beginning of the next season which comes with a new campaign right after release and a new raid after a few weeks.

Destiny 2 Lightfall will introduce the new subclass of Strand as well as new Exotic items and new seasonal weapons, one of which can already be unlocked by pre-purchasing the Lightfall’s Annual Pass bundle. The story of the new expansion is supposed to put an end to the current saga. A few weeks earlier, the Season of the Seraph finale event went live with a new quest and a new Exotic reward, which unfolds the story of Lightfall as The Traveler leaves the Earth.