BioWare has shared some brief details about how the upcoming RPG will approach progression and customization.​

Even though we’ve officially known about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf being in development for as long as we have, actual details on the game have been scant at best (we didn’t even find out what its official name would be until just a few months ago). Even so, BioWare has been trickling out brief details on the RPG here and there at a drip feed, and in a recent blog post, the developer offered some insight on how the game will approach its customization and progression mechanics.

Though no gameplay footage is shown (as you may have guessed) and the details themselves originate from very early development ideas, BioWare does highlight a few key elements, with build variety being chief among them. Multiple skill trees will be featured, each pertaining to specific classes, though in true CRPG fashion, players will be allowed to unlock skills from any and all trees, allowing for multiclass builds.

“From features like the Detailed Stats page that cater to RPG enthusiasts to hand-crafted locations you’ll come to explore and more, design is a topic we could talk about endlessly. It’s a subject we’ll likely touch on again in the future, too, when we talk about other parts of game development, so keep an eye out,” the developer writes.

How long it will be before BioWare is ready to share more concrete details on the RPG remains to be seen, though the developer did recently confirm that the project had hit alpha. A recent leak also offered a glimpse at early development footage, which suggested that the game will feature a new action-oriented combat system inspired by 2018’s God of War.