Check out the new content coming to Halo Infinite with the launch of Season 3: Echoes Within in its newest trailer.​

343 Industries has released a new trailer for Halo Infinite. The trailer, celebrating the kick-off of the game’s third season, shows off content that players can expect with Season 3: Echoes Within. Check it out below.

The trailer refers to Season 3: Echoes Within as the biggest update to Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer so far. It features a new Big Team Battle map dubbed Oasis, new equipment—the Shroud Screen—and the M392 Bandit as the new weapon.

Other game modes aren’t being left in the dirt. Arena Mode, for example, will be getting the Cliffhanger map, and the Chasm map. The new season will also highlight community creations, like the Art’s Room map by ArtNoob, and Starboard by Pwn Jones. Playing community creations through the Community Collection playlist will also allow players to earn XP.

A new game mode, dubbed Escalation Slayer, is also making its way on to Halo Infinite. As its name might imply, it will offer a change from the regular free-for-all Slayer mode for the lone wolf players out there.

Halo Infinite will be kicking off Season 3: Echoes Within on March 7. The season will be a free update for the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will also offer a new 100-tier battle pass.