Persona 3 Remake Out Later This Year, Announcement Planned for Xbox Games Showcase – Rumour

It’s been claimed that alongside Persona 6, Atlus is working on a Persona 3 remake, with the latter expected to release first.

There’s no shortage of developers in the industry right now who’re taking a look back at their catalog of past releases and deciding to bring the best of them back with full-fledged remakes and reimaginings, and rumours have been claiming for some time now that Atlus has similar plans in place for Persona 3. In fact, a remake of the RPG may be announced very soon.

Speaking during his recent podcast, insider NateTheHate stated that a remake of Persona 3 is set to launch later this year, and that unlike Persona 6 – which is likely to be a PS5 exclusive when it allegedly launches late next year – it will be a multiplatform title. In fact, the remake is likely to be announced at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase next month, with NateTheHate mentioning the rumours and later adding that though it probably won’t be unveiled at the imminent PlayStation Showcase, we will be seeing it “a little later this Summer”.

Interestingly, the insider has also claimed that a Persona 5 spinoff is also in development, and that it’s targeting a 2024 launch. Whether this is the Goro Akechi spinoff we’ve been hearing about since last year or something else entirely remains to be seen.

Earlier this year, it was claimed in leaks that both Persona 3 and Persona 6 were both quite far along in development, and that both games were expected to be revealed this Summer. Not long after that, early internal development footage of the Persona 3 remake also leaked.