Final Fantasy 16 – Prologue, Rosalith, Fafnir Battle, Exploration and More Revealed in New Gameplay

Various publications went hands-on with the game’s first three hours, delving into Clive’s backstory, how he meets Cid and much more.

New previews have gone live for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 one month before its worldwide release. These are based on the first three hours, showcasing the Prologue, Clive’s past and combat against bosses. Check it out below, courtesy of Gematsu.

The prologue follows adult Clive, as a battle between two armies, with Titan fighting Shiva, occurs. There’s a fair amount of obscene language and gore before flashbacks take us to Clive’s teenage years in Rosalith. Players go to the training guards to learn the combat (which is skippable), and Joshua, the Dominant of Phoenix, is introduced along with Jill, their childhood friend.

Clive’s father, Elwin, the Archduke of Rosalith, is also showcased and players can explore the area. Players eventually go to Stillwind Marsh with Sir Wade and Sir Tyler as allies to battle a Morbol. The Active Time Lore System helps keep players up to date on characters and their relations to each other.

Of course, after the mission, Rosalith is attacked. Joshua attempts to escape with Elwin, but the latter is betrayed and killed, which causes Phoenix to emerge. Ifrit awakens with Clive, and this is where the shoot ’em-up battle (where you control Phoenix) plays out. A tragedy occurs, and the story returns to the present.

Of course, Clive learns that Shiva’s Dominant is Jill. After fighting off Tiamat, a member of his group, the two are saved by Cidolfus Telamon. They venture to the Hideaway, where a blacksmith, Arete Stone, and Lady Charon (who sells new gear) await. Cid, Clive and Torgal then go to The Greatwood, eventually battling Fafnir of the North.

The demo ended by this point, but overall impressions are positive (with a scant few bugs present). Final Fantasy 16 is available on June 22nd for PS5, with a demo available to all players roughly two weeks prior.