System Shock Remake Hypes up Imminent Launch with New Trailer

Nightdive Studios’ long-in-development immersive sim remake is out for PC later this month, with console versions also in the works.

Nightdive Studios’ ground-up remake of System Shock has been in the works for some time now, but after plenty of waiting (and its fair share of delays), the highly anticipated sci-fi immersive sim remake is almost upon us. Ahead of its launch later this month, the developer has also released a new trailer to offer a few glimpses of what it will have in store.

System Shock fans obviously won’t need much of an introduction for its iconic setting, Citadel space station, and the terrifying rogue AI, SHODAN, who haunts what’s left of it, though the upcoming remake’s new trailer shows off some of the significant visual and design bumps Citadel has received. Plenty of combat against a variety of enemy types is also shown, as well as various locations, several of which fans of the original will be very familiar with it. Check out the trailer below.

System Shock Remake is due out for PC on May 30. Console versions are also currently in the works, but don’t yet have release dates.