Street Fighter 6 – Battle Hub and Competitive Features Detailed Ahead of Open Beta

Compete in online matches against other players, either casually or Ranked. Extreme Battles and classic titles also await.

Continuing its Open Beta Video series for Street Fighter 6, Capcom has outlined the Battle Hub and various competitive features that players can look forward to. Jeremy “Vicious” Mitchell, who’s also one of the game’s Real-Time Commentators, breaks it down.

The Battle Hub serves as Street Fighter 6’s Lobby system. Akin to an old-school arcade, players can go to different cabinets to challenge other players or spectate fights. You can face others in Casual or Ranked matches or enjoy some Extreme Battles and classic Capcom games like Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight. It’s also possible to fight other players’ avatars with your own.

The Hub’s goods shop also contains different items and apparel for customizing one’s avatar. Of course, Street Fighter 6 also ties into the Capcom Pro Tour, and winning an online event in-game means players qualify for the Capcom Cup, which has a $1 million grand prize. If you’re only looking to grind Ranked matches, you’ll need to complete an initial set of fights to calibrate your skill level.

Street Fighter 6’s open beta runs from May 19th to 21st on Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. The full game is out on June 2nd worldwide.