Final Fantasy 16 – Party Members, Torgal, and Story Focused Mode Showcased in New Trailers

Check out how Cidolfus and Jill assist Clive in combat, the different commands Torgal can use and much more in new gameplay.

Square Enix has released some new trailers for Final Fantasy 16, highlighting multiple aspects of the upcoming action RPG. While some use old footage, others offer new gameplay, showcasing how party members contribute to combat, Torgal’s role and much more. Check them out below.

Though players control Clive Rosfield throughout the story, other characters like Cidolfus Telamon and Jill Warrick assist. Cidolfus uses Thunder magic to knock enemies out of the air, while Jill fires Ice projectiles and constructs barriers to tank damage. Torgal, Clive’s wolf companion, can be issued commands in combat, restoring health and aggressively comboing attacks against enemies.

Story Focused Mode is one of the two modes available from the outset. It provides access to Timely Accessories, slowing down time and allowing combos and special abilities with a single button. Oddly, these accessories take up equipment slots, so there is a tradeoff to using them.

Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22nd for PS5. A pre-launch celebration is scheduled for June 11th, probably when the free demo also goes live.