Redfall Available Now on Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass

It’s time to take back Redfall. Vampires may have staked their claim on the island, but there are still people willing to fight back. Pick from a roster of four heroes with unique abilities – Layla, Jacob, Remi and Devinder – and choose your path across the island and through the vampire masses as you discover what caused this plague of bloodsuckers and put an end to their reign. Squad up with up to three friends or slay alone and explore a beautiful open world, handcrafted by the masters of level design at Arkane Austin.

Redfall is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Play it now on Game Pass:

Welcome to Redfall

An open world packed with mystery, a diverse roster of heroes, strategic combat that will keep you on your toes, painstakingly hand-crafted environments, a rich narrative driving you through the world, a wide array of weapons… and vampires. It all comes together in Redfall, and through it all the Arkane DNA is alive and thriving.

“I think the core elements that make Arkane games special to our fans are deeply ingrained in Redfall,” says Lead Producer Aaron Carter. “To me, the real lens to view things through is how those core elements are applied to an open world setting. How you approach environmental storytelling to make the world feel intentional. How you create encounters that feel meaningful and empower players to approach combat in creative ways. How you design missions that take advantage of the larger scale, while still encouraging thoughtfulness and immersion. Those things help to establish a pace of gameplay and narrative density that our players should feel right at home in.”

Squad Up or Slay Alone

What do a mercenary, a cryptozoologist, a combat engineer and a college student have in common?

Before vampires took over the island of Redfall, the answer would have been “very little,” aside from perhaps their shared status as human beings. Now that humanity is a rarity in the once-quaint coastal town, they have something new in common. A mutual purpose: To kick vampire ass and take back Redfall.

“A huge emphasis for Redfall has been the solo experience, in keeping with Arkane’s passions,” explains Studio/Creative Director Harvey Smith. “Redfall is an open world game, but it can be soloed with any of the heroes. The pace becomes more exploratory; you can use recon and stealth to gather info on encounters and avoid enemies or get the drop on them.”

From Layla’s extraordinary telekinetic abilities and Jacob’s otherworldly raven to Remi’s adorable-yet-lethal robotic companion and Dev’s crafty cryptid-hunting gear, Redfall offers an array of different hero types. Upgrade your hero’s abilities to make them even more devastating and test out a variety of playstyles and loadouts as you fight to save Redfall.

Whereas playing solo forces you to rely solely on yourself, forming a squad allows you to combine strengths with other players and test out strategies only available when you’re part of a team. Experiment with a suite of hero abilities designed for both single- and multiplayer. Like Remi’s Mobilize ability that sets up a healing aura for herself and her teammates. Or Jacob’s Cloak that can be upgraded to make his allies invisible as well as himself. Redfall gives you the freedom to play with whoever you want, any way you want. How you choose to face the darkness is up to you.

Not Your Average Vampires

Redfall used to be such a nice place, but that was before vampires took over. By blocking out the sun and pushing the ocean back from Redfall’s shores, these new vampire overlords have completely cut the island off from the outside world and any hope of rescue. And these aren’t your typical bloodsuckers. They were created by science – a longevity experiment that gave them their particular version of immortality – and they’re continuing to evolve. After their transformation, some of them develop powerful abilities and become specialized vampires. 

“If you decide to play with friends, sticking together will be essential for survival,” explains Co-Creative Direct Ricardo Bare. “The heroes are stronger as a group and the vampire threat ramps up as more players join the game. Running off on your own is the quickest way to get snatched and killed.”

And of course, when you have a clear hierarchy of power, there has to be something at the top, right? All the way at the top of the vampiric food chain are the beings responsible for blocking out the sun, pushing back the tides and much more: The vampire gods – The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper and The Black Sun.

Gear Up and Move Out

“Our weapons are an interesting twist on the genre,” says Production Director Ben Horne. “We have loadout options players already know and love, like rare shotguns and sniper rifles with randomized weapon traits to make each drop feel like one of an endless potential of combinations. In addition to that, some of our weapons are unique vampire hunting weapons—like the Stake Launcher or UV Beam—that can be used tactically to eliminate the vampire threat.”

With the vampires and their cultist followers running amok, you’ll need to get creative and use everything at your disposal to stay alive. But between your chosen hero’s unique abilities and the weapons and gear scattered across the island, you’ll have everything you need to take back Redfall.

Redfall Limited Edition Controllers

As you explore the thrilling world of Redfall, we are excited to bring you the newest additions to Xbox Design Lab with Redfall Limited Edition Designs inspired by the game’s characters. Choose from one of five inspired designs; either one of the four playable heroes or join the vampires with the Bite Back edition. You can also choose from one of four unique Redfall battery door engravings, offering a nod to different aspects of the game. Xbox Design Lab wants you to customize this to your heart’s (or lack thereof) content, so go further with additional addons like personalized engravings, rubberized side or back grips and metallic D-Pads. Head on over to Xbox Design Lab and find who you are going to suit up with!