Humanity Gameplay Trailer Details its Action-Puzzle Gameplay

A new gameplay video explains the basics of Humanity’s action-puzzle gameplay, which will see players herding massive human hordes through obstacle courses.

THA Limited and Enhance’s Humanity was shrouded in almost complete mystery for a couple of years until its launch, but with the puzzle title now finally approaching its release, more and more has been revealed about what it will have in store for players of late. Now, a new gameplay video has also been released that provides a primer on the basics of Humanity’s action-puzzle gameplay.

Humanity will see players playing as an all-powerful glowing Shiba Inu, with your goal being to direct massive hordes of humans through obstacle courses to their end goals. From gaps and chasms to other hazards, there will, of course, be plenty that you will have to deal with, and for that purpose, you’ll be able to issue a number of commands to the aforementioned hordes, including turning in a specific direction, jumping (with different heights of jumps also available), splitting into multiple directions, and more.

Across the levels that you play, you’ll also find collectibles called goldies, and though many of these will be optional, a certain number will be required to progress further in the game. Collecting goldies will also allow you to unlock cosmetics for the humans in your hordes, as well as a variety of features, like being able to fast forward gameplay, a free-moving camera, and more.

Certain stages will also have unique elements and obstacles, like switches that can open new paths, water that humans can swim inside, blocks that can be pushed off of paths, walls that can be climbed, giant fans on the ground that propel humans into the air, and much more. Check out the video below for more details.

Humanity is due out for PS5, PS4, and PC on May 16, and will also feature support for PS VR and PS VR2. It will also be available via PlayStation Game Catalog for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers at no additional cost at launch.