Quantum Break is Back on Game Pass

Remedy Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter was taken off the service’s catalog earlier this month due to licensing issues.

Earlier this month, Remedy Entertainment’s 2014 sci-fi third person shooter Quantum Break was confirmed to be leaving Game Pass, and what with it being a Microsoft-published and owned first party title, its departure from the service’s catalog caused a bit of a stir. Shortly afterward, however, it was confirmed that the game had only been temporarily removed due to licensing issues, with Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft both assuring that it would be returning to the service at some point.

As it turns out, it wasn’t off Game Pass for long. Taking to Twitter, Aaron Greenberg, who’s the VP of Xbox Games Marketing, recently confirmed that Quantum Break has officially returned to the Game Pass lineup across all platforms and is also back on sale, which means its licensing issues (whatever they were) have presumably been sorted out.

The game spent less than half a month off Game Pass, so fans and subscribers will be pleased that whatever its issues were have been quickly addressed.