Humanity Gameplay Deep Dive Details the Others, Stage Creator, Bosses and More

Learn more about controlling vast crowds of humans, solving puzzles and fighting bosses before the game’s release on May 16th.

Humanity releases next month and is the new puzzle action-platformer from Tetris Effect publisher Enhance Games and THA Limited. Launching on PS4, PS5, PC and PlayStation VR/VR2, it’s also a day-one title on PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium. To provide a better idea of the mechanics and gameplay, a new deep dive is available, spanning over 25 minutes. Check it out below.

As a Shiba Inu who must command massive groups of people, Humanity offers over 90 stages with different obstacles and puzzles. Progressing through the campaign, you’ll meet a rival faction, the Others, and a late-game antagonist force in The Machines. There are bosses to fight and even a Stage Creator for generating and sharing content.

It’s an unorthodox game with a unique style since Rez Infinite creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi and visual designer Yugo Nakamura are involved. Stay tuned for more details on Humanity when it releases on May 16th worldwide.