Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal Launches May 9th, Launch Trailer Showcases Ballistic’s Skills

A gameplay reveal trailer is coming on May 1st and should feature more of Ballistic’s abilities, updates to World’s Edge, and more.

Respawn Entertainment’s next season for Apex Legends launches on May 9th. It adds a new playable Legend, Ballistic, a Legendary combatant who returns to the Apex Games to keep his son safe. Check out the launch trailer below to see some of his stylish skills.

Ballistic, or August Montgomery Brinkman, is an Assault Legend, and based on the trailer, he can load powerful shots into weapons for devastating damage. He also seemingly has an auto-loader, which probably provides an endless supply of bullets without the need to reload. His kit will be detailed in the coming weeks, but a gameplay reveal for the season is coming on May 1st.

Other new content includes an updated World’s Edge, Weapon Mastery challenges, an updated and expanded Firing Range, and updates to Ranked Play. Of course, a new Premium Battle Pass will also go live, providing new Reactive Skins for weapons, Legendary Skins, and much more.