Pokemon Stadium is Out Now for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

The 3D turn-based strategy features 151 Pokemon from Gen 1, with 3v3 combat, online battles and trading, and much more on Switch.

Pokemon Stadium, the turn-based strategy spin-off of the Pokemon series, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo 64 title is playable for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers.

Released in 2000 and developed by HAL Laboratory instead of Game Freak, Pokemon Stadium was an anomaly among Pokemon titles at the time. It’s fully 3D and features 151 Pokemon from the first-generation Game Boy titles. In addition to trading and battling (with online support), there are 3v3 battles against a series of opponents courtesy of the stadium cups.

Those itching for a serious challenge could also take on the Kanto gym leaders and Elite Four. There are also nine mini-games, like a Simon Says-style game with Clefairy, and Thundering Dynamo with Pikachu and Voltorb, along with a Hall of Fame. It’s unknown if Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow emulation has carried over to the Nintendo Switch version.

Stay tuned for updates on other titles for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which is available for $49.99 yearly.