TRON: Identity is Out Now on PC and Nintendo Switch

Dive into a new Grid as the detective program Query to investigate what’s been lost in a visual novel-style narrative adventure.

Bithell Games’ TRON: Identity is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch. The developer’s latest narrative adventure occurs in a new Grid, where something has been taken. As an investigative program called Query, it’s your job to find out what, who’s responsible and why. Check out the launch trailer below.

The game plays out in an almost visual novel-style format, with extensive conversations. You can find clues in the environment and question suspects while deciding whether to ally with or oppose them. There are also Identity Discs, which provide different puzzles to solve and memories to discern.

Based on your choices, there are multiple endings. If you enjoyed titles like Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular, TRON: Identity may be worth checking out. The art is pretty appealing, and the story provides an extension of the beloved TRON franchise, though one that’s reportedly short based on reviews.