Atlas Fallen is Coming to Game Pass – Rumour

Deck13 and Focus Entertainment’s action RPG could be headed to Microsoft’s subscription service, it’s claimed.

Atlas Fallen, Deck13 and Focus Entertainment’s semi-open world action RPG, might be headed to Game Pass at some point in the neat future. That’s as per eXtas1s, a prominent leaker who recently took to Twitter to claim the same, stating that the title will release for Microsoft’s subscription service “soon”.

How soon it will be before it does, or before it gets announced for the service, remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game coming to the service either in August or sometime around that, seeing as that is also when developer Deck13 will be releasing a major update for the game, titled Reign of Sand.

The update, which will be free, is set to be a significant one, bringing plenty of new content in the form of a new location, new quests, enemies, weapons, and more, on top of a new difficulty mode, new voice acting, a New Game Plus mode, revamped progression mechanics, and more.

In our review upon the game’s launch last year, we gave it a score of 6/10, saying, “Atlas Fallen has legitimate strengths in its quick, snappy sand surfing, its fascinating setting and worldbuilding, and deep and flexible progression mechanics, but with clunky movement, inconsistent combat, lackluster storytelling, and just an all-around lack of polish, it ends up being weighed down by far too many issues to be able to live up to its proper potential.”

Atlas Fallen is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.