Astro’s Playroom Update is Live, Adds New Returnal Bot

Selene joins Team Asobi’s platformer. Two more Bots arrive in August and September, carrying over into the upcoming Astro Bot.

While the wait continues for Astro Bot, Team Asobi’s latest update for Astro’s Playroom is now live. Like last month’s update, it adds a new Bot based on a PlayStation IP that players can track down. After Lady Maria from Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Returnal’s Selene steps to the plate.

Of course, as the PlayStation Blog notes, it won’t be easy – players must solve a riddle first. Given how community members successfully unlocked Lady Maria in less than three hours, Selene may be more challenging to pinpoint. New artefacts are also available at PlayStation Labo, so that’s worth checking out.

Two more Bots are coming in August and September, and by unlocking them, players can carry them over into Astro Bot as their starting crew. If you want to skip the entire exercise, that’s fine since the latter has more than 300 Bots to collect, with over 150 from PlayStation franchises through the years.

Astro Bot launches on September 6th for PS5.