Street Fighter 6 – M. Bison Arrives on June 26th, Classic Moves Revealed in New Gameplay

Despite his predicament, Bison is still a threat with moves like Psycho Crusher and some new offense, like Shadow Rise and Psycho Mines.

Street Fighter 6 had a low-key impressive showing at Summer Game Fest, announcing the Year 2 Character Pass. It kicks off with the return of M. Bison, who arrives on June 26th. Check out the first gameplay trailer (and his snazzy new horse) below.

Following the events of Street Fighter 5, he awakens in Metro City with no memory before arriving in the Ruined Lab and learning the name Bison. Despite this, the former Shadaloo leader still possesses his trademark Psycho Power, unleashing the Psycho Crusher and other classic maneuvers.

Of course, he’s packing some new abilities, like Shadow Rise, a high jump with two follow-ups – Head Press for stomping on an opponent (leading into a Somersault Skull Diver) and Shadow Rise Devil Reverse for a chop. He can also use the Backfist Combo to attach Psycho Mines that detonate after a short period or upon unleashing certain moves.

Old-school fans can also rejoice as his iconic red attire from previous titles returns. Head here for more details on Bison’s Super Arts. Other Year 2 characters include Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, and Elena from Street Fighter 3: New Generation. Stay tuned for details on their release dates in the coming months.