No More Room in Hell 2 Receives New Gameplay, Early Access Coming Halloween 2024

Torn Banner Studios will provide more details on the long-awaited undead survival title at the PC Gaming Show on June 9th.

If you’re wondering what ever became of No More Room in Hell 2, the sequel to the acclaimed mod developed on Valve’s Source engine, there’s good news. Torn Banner Studios and Lever Games released a new gameplay trailer for the experience while announcing its early access launch this Halloween.

No More Room in Hell 2 supports up to eight players and features a large map teeming with the undead. Coordinating with your teammates, stocking up on supplies and fighting for survival is key. There are explosives, guns and other items to discover, though beware – die, and all your progress is lost thanks to permadeath.

Some rogue-lite elements are present, like leveling up your responder through looting and offering access to starting gear and equipment. Still, this isn’t like Left 4 Dead – multiple zombies can be lethal, ammo is limited, and you’re not the tankiest human.

No More Room in Hell 2 will receive more details at the PC Gaming Show on June 9th. Torn Banner will also host a livestream on June 11th.