73 of Steam’s Top 100 Most-Played Games Are Playable on Steam Deck

Valve has been making sure to try and get just about every one of the top 100 most-played games on Steam verified for the Steam Deck.

With the success of the Steam Deck, developers have also been making efforts to ensure that their games are playable on the handheld PC gaming platform. Caught by Linux gaming blog Boiling Steam, out of the 100 most played games available on Steam, 73 games are, at minimum, playable on the Steam Deck.

Not counting software present in the top 100 most-played Steam games—Wallpaper Engine, Soundpad and the Source SDK Base 2007—26 of the games in the list have been verified for the Steam Deck. Another 47 have been rated as being playable on the platform, and 24 are classified as unsupported on the Steam Deck.

It is also worth noting that quite a few of the unsupported games are less because of hardware optimisations and more because of the difficulty of making different anti-cheat software play well with the Steam Deck. These titles include Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG Battlegrounds.

The Steam Deck recently celebrated its first anniversary with a software update that brought in new customisation options for players to tinker around with, allowing players to change the boot animation on the PC gaming handheld.