AVerMedia Reveals The First HDMI 2.1 Capture Cards at Computex 2023

Great news for content creators, as AVerMedia has officially announced their first-ever external and internal HDMI 2.1 capture cards, capable of recording 120fps, with passthrough support for 4K, VRR, HDR, and more!

As revealed at the Computex 2023 event, AVerMedia is planning on launching two new 4K capture cards, one being external (Live Gamer ULTRA 2.1 GC553G2. with USB-C connectivity) and the other internal (Live Gamer 4K 2.1 GC575 PCIe.) While exact details on both their recording capability are still being revealed, we did learn from a recent video by Youtuber tech channel, ShortCircuit, that both cards will support 4K, 144Hz, variable refresh rate, and HDR passthrough while recording. This has been a major requested feature amongst creators as the most affordable current capture card offering limit passthrough to 4K 60FPS. That means if you wanted to make use of any VRR-supported monitor on either consoles or PC, you’d need to bypass the capture card entirely. Not anymore, at least with these new cards by the company.

Of course, if you’re someone who’s been wanting an HDMI 2.1-supported capture card, then you’re also probably wondering what the recording capability is with these new cards. Well, for 1080P, both cards can capture frame rates up to a whopping 240FPS. For those looking for a higher resolution, both capture cards also appear to support 1440P at 120FPS recording, though for 4K, it seems that the max recording it can do for the frame rate is 60. Do note that these resolution/frame rate capture options do appear to be the same specs as what their previous cards offered, though the ability to have full passthrough for 4K HDR 144Hz is a rather attractive reason to buy. We suppose the demand for 4K 120FPS capturing isn’t quite there yet (as is the support on any current platforms,) and it’s likely not supported due to keeping the cost at a reasonable price.

And speaking of costs, according to ShortCircuit, both cards will cost $300, with a target of late July for pre-ordering and a full launch in August. We’ll have more details on the cards, including full specs, once we get closer to those launch dates, so stay tuned!