Pokemon Stadium Launches for Nintendo Switch Online on April 12

The beloved N64 game will become available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack players later this month, it’s been confirmed.

Outside of the mainline Pokemon RPGs, N64’s Pokemon Stadium has to be one of the series’ most beloved entries to date, and soon, Nintendo will be making it playable to wider audiences once again. It was confirmed in September last year that the acclaimed battle arena game would be coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s library at some point in the future, and it now finally has a release date.

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Stadium will be added to the service’s N64 library a little over a week from now, on April 12. As an N64 title, it will be accessible only to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers, with both single player and multiplayer offerings being included. Check out its trailer below to get a glimpse of what the game will have in store.

Across its NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance libraries, Nintendo Switch Online has built up a healthy catalog of legacy titles for subscribers to dive into, and Pokemon Stadium should serve as a solid addition to that lineup.