Remnant 2 Trailer Reveals the Ruined World of Yaesha

Since the previous game, the Root has completely overwhelmed Yaesha. Check out the latest trailer to see what’s changed.

Gunfire Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming Souls-like shooter Remnant 2. It features Yaesha, a world present in the original game. Unfortunately, since then, the Root has spread its influence even further. While Yaesha’s people fought back, they couldn’t stop it. Check out the trailer below to see what remains.

Aside from ruined buildings and the Root’s presence, a red growth coats every surface. Root monsters and creatures roam freely, and instead of vibrant green, there are touches of ash and crimson throughout. Whether any Pan civilization members survived remains to be seen, but Yaesha looks even more dangerous than the first game.

Remnant 2 is out this Summer for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It features revamped world generation, completely changing quests, stories, and biomes for players, and an expanded Class system that uses Archetypes for more build freedom.