Stellar Blade Vignette Trailer Ponders Eve’s Purpose

A member of the Airborne Squad, Eve exists to eliminate the Naytiba, though what comes after is a different question altogether.

Following the intended launch of Stellar Blade’s free demo, Shift Up has released a new trailer for the hack-and-slash action adventure. It’s short but focuses on protagonist Eve, with ally Adam questioning what she’ll do after defeating the Alpha Naytiba. Long story short, she’s all about wiping out the Naytiba.

For those who aren’t keeping track, the Naytiba is a mysterious alien enemy that invaded Earth and left it in ruins. As part of the Airborne Squad, it’s Eve’s job to slay them and help humanity. Things take a turn when her drop pod crashes and many of her squad members die, but it’s only one step on a much longer, semi-open world journey.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for PS5. The free demo features the opening sections, with save data carrying over the game. Though combat can be challenging, especially with all the parrying and split-second dodging, Shift Up has promised support features to make things easier.