Content Warning Claimed by Over 6.2 Million Players at Launch

The developer is looking to deploy fixes for issues relating to connecting and hosting, camera footage not extracting and more.

Landfall’s Content Warning is the latest co-op horror trend, launching for free yesterday for 24 hours and recently going paid. It’s notched up an impressive concurrent player count, peaking at over 200,000 on Steam, but the number of people who claimed it at launch is over 6.2 million.

Though Content Warning is now a paid title (retailing for $7.99), the development team is looking to resolve several issues regarding voice, connecting and hosting, and camera footage not extracting or being visible. Fortunately, there are leads on several of these, and the team hopes to deploy fixes by tomorrow morning.

Content Warning is available on PC and sees players venturing to the Old World with cameras to record all kinds of horrors, similar to Phasmophobia. However, the goal isn’t identification as much as going viral on SpookTube. By garnering views, you can purchase better cameras and other equipment to increase survivability and earn enough within three days (much like Lethal Company).