Silent Hill 2 Remake Will be Showcased at a PlayStation Event in May – Rumour

Sony has a PlayStation-related event scheduled for next month, journalist Jeff Grubb has claimed.

We got out first look at Silent Hill 2’s remake since its announcement with a new trailer at a State of Play event earlier this year, and though there were many who weren’t pleased with how the trailer turned out (including the game’s own developer), it looks like Konami is going to take another crack at showcasing the survival horror remake.

That’s as per journalist Jeff Grubb, who said in a recent episode of the Bombcast, the Giant Bomb podcast, that Sony has another PlayStation-related event planned for the month of May, and that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be showcased at the event (via ResetEra).

Silent Hill 2 was recently also rated by the ESRB, as well as in South Korea. Meanwhile, earlier this year, PlayStation suggested the game would release sometime this year.

Grubb did not specify whether the event month will be another State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase. Last year’s PlayStation Showcase event happened in the month of May, so it’s possible that Sony has similar plans for this year.