Far Cry 20th Anniversary Livestream Coming March 21st, Won’t Have New Game Announcements

The livestream will instead feature “fun anecdotes” and “great stories” on previous productions along with Twitch Drops.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, with the franchise discounted by up to 85 percent across all platforms. A livestream is also planned for March 21st to celebrate the milestone.

As auspicious as it may seem, the publisher won’t announce any new games or even upcoming content during the same. There will be Twitch Drops, alongside anecdotes and stories on previous titles, which may be worth tuning into for hardcore fans.

Despite the lack of official announcements, however, rumors have circulated about not one but two new Far Cry titles. The first is allegedly an extraction shooter set in Alashnica, a fictional version of Alaska, with players scrounging for resources and crafting new gear and gadgets (with dying causing progress to be lost).

It’s reportedly arriving before the next mainline entry in the series, Project Blackbird, i.e. Far Cry 7. Developed on the Snowdrop Engine, it’s out in Fall 2025, and allegedly coming to Nintendo Switch 2 on day one. The story is reportedly nonlinear, as players rescue family members from a conspiracy group.

There is a time limit, though, and by using a new interrogation mechanic, players can extract info from enemies (if they don’t end up lying). Stay tuned for potential announcements for both titles in the coming months.