Overwatch 2 Developer Update Set for March 19th, Includes Season 10 Details

Game director Aaron Keller will be on hand to discuss future updates coming to the free-to-play hero shooter before its next season.

Overwatch 2’s current season will wrap up in the coming weeks, but what should fans look forward to in Season 10? It seems the development team at Blizzard is kickstarting the hype cycle earlier than usual, as a new Developer Update video is coming on March 19th. Game director Aaron Keller will discuss “future updates”, including Season 10, which is “shaping up to be a great one.”

Blizzard confirmed last year that a new Damage dealer, Venture, would debut in Season 10, so expect their first details to be revealed. A new PvP mode, Clash, is also in the works, with players competing to capture five points across several maps. The first team to reach the score limit or have more points when the match ends wins.

Clash replaces the defunct Assault mode with a revamped version of Hanamura, dubbed Hanaoka, serving as the first map. Also, future seasons will have themes like Egyptian mythology and an alternate universe where the story roles of heroes and villains have swapped. Which one will Season 10 feature? Stay tuned for more details on March 19th.