The Alters is Coming to Game Pass, New Trailer Showcases Exploration and Choices

11 bit Studios’ narrative management title sees worker Jan Dolski creating alternate versions of himself to survive and return home.

During the latest Xbox Partner Preview, 11 bit Studios released a new trailer for The Alters, outlining its gameplay and story. As Jan Dolski, players find themselves stranded on a planet with a burning sun and must survive at all costs to return home.

Exploring the surface of the planet and managing a mobile base isn’t something he can do alone. However, thanks to a mysterious resource called Rapidium, Jan discovers a way to create alternate versions of himself. These depend on decisions made throughout his life, from not leaving his home town at a young age to not dropping out of college.

It leads to Alters with unique skills and specializations, but they also have desires, goals and needs. You can choose sides (or abstain from doing so), but keeping them all happy is “extremely difficult.”

The Alters is out later this year for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It’s also coming to Game Pass for PC and consoles.